Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Ironic of Corolla AE86

One of the most influential Toyota cars in popular culture is the Corolla AE86. In many regions it's affectionately known as the Hachi in reference to Hachi-Roku, Japanese words that mean 'eight-six'.

The AE86 makes up part of the Corolla's 5th generation series that was first introduced in 1983, it being the 6th version. It enjoyed a cult following in Japan in the '80s.

Currently, any search for "AE86" online will no doubt present you with results relating to the art of drifting, an association with the car that will ensure that this car model is re-introduced to car enthusiasts in generations to come.
It is said to be a great candidate for rallying and drifting because of its rear-wheel drive attribute.

"Rear wheel drive limited slip differential configuration, low vehicle weight, good balance, a 5-speed manual gearbox, ventilated disc brakes, MacPherson strut style independent suspension in front and a four-link live axle with coil springs for the rear, stabilizer bars (sway bars) at both ends, and a relatively powerful and easy to tune 4-cylinder engine." - Drift Japan.

Recently, the AE86 has featured in the latest offering of the popular Need For Speed video game series, Need For Speed Pro Street. It also has presence in the manga/anime series, initial D.

With street racing, rallying and many owners proudly tuning up their AE86 cars and showing their work on the web, this Corolla model is far from being forgotten anytime soon.

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